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While I don’t expect this site to allow me to quit my day job. It would be nice to get help covering the fixed costs required to keep things running here, as well as continue to develop new tools and features. You would be SURPRISED to know what it costs to do this...

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Special thanks for donations in 2020 from the following members!

Affordable Aircraft Systems LLC
Jake Jensen Aero Assist
Vasily K -- Piper Archer
Jason D -- Beechcraft Debonair
James L -- Lancair 360
Tony B -- Zenith CH-601
Ken H -- Vans RV-10
Roger P -- Vans RV-8
John C -- Long EZ
Julio M -- Bede BD-4
Dave W -- Thunder Mustang
Joseph G -- Vans RV-7A
Robert T -- Vans RV-8
Dale W -- Vans RV-14
Karl G -- Vans RV-14A
Travis D -- Vans RV-8
Ivo W -- Vans RV-6A
Tai F -- Lancair Legacy FG
Nolan S -- Barrows Bearhawk
Paul B -- Vans RV-10
Bill VD   --   Vans RV-8A

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